Jonah’s Three Month Update

Jonah is three months old today, and I am having a hard time understanding where the time went. Once they hit the three month mark, they are no longer considered newborns, which just makes my new-momma heart want to break. Even so, it has been such a fun month with him as he becomes more alert and active.


There’s no 3-month checkup, so we won’t know for sure weight and length, but he’s definitely getting chunkier by the day. Each time I pick him up, I’m surprised at how much heavier he seems! He’s wearing mostly 0-3 month clothing with a few 3 month onesies thrown in the past couple of weeks. He’s still in size 1 diapers.


Jonah is a great sleeper (I’m knocking on wood because he does tend to sleep regress anytime we brag on how well he sleeps; go figure). He’s been sleeping through the night pretty consistently since he was about a month old, but he does have a few nights where he’ll wake up and need to be fed around 4 or 5 a.m.

We typically feed him, swaddle him, and put him in his Rock n’ Play around eleven, when we go to bed (I wish that was earlier, but, you know, life), and he’ll sleep until 7 or a little later when we wake him up and get him ready for daycare.

We just moved this weekend to a sweet little house from an apartment, and we are so excited! Once we get Jonah’s nursery all set up, we’re hoping to transition him into his own bedroom and to sleeping in his crib. They’ve had some success with him sleeping in his crib at daycare, but he’s mostly content on napping in a swing. We’ll get there. :)

What He’s Been Up To

Jonah started daycare this month and really seems to love it. The daycare is at a church five minutes from our new house, but David had to do quite the commute until this week (thanks, David!).  His teachers are so kind and sometimes send me cute pictures of Jonah throughout the day. It helps me feel better since I’m back at work now and missing him like crazy!

We also tried swimming for the first time this month. We went home to Georgia for my mom’s birthday weekend, and my sister, her three kids, David, Jonah, and I all got to go swimming. Apparently, they don’t make swim diapers for babies smaller than 16 pounds, but we made it work. He didn’t love it, but I think in time he’ll be a big fan.

We got to celebrate my mom’s birthday at an awesome Chinese restaurant with so much family! It was such a fun night, and it was Jonah’s first time in Tennessee. That puts his state count up to three, which I think is pretty impressive for three months!

Jonah was dedicated at our church this month, too! It was such a sweet ceremony, and he did so well. He was mesmerized by the lights on the ceiling, but, hey, whatever keeps ‘em happy! I am so excited to teach Jonah about Jesus and His love and get him involved at church when he’s older.

It was also really great that our parents were able to be there for the dedication (even my mom with her poor broken leg!).

Jonah has also gotten to watch his very first Olympics! He doesn’t seem to get into it quite as much as his mommy does, but the bright colors on the screen attract his attention on occasion. 😉 I’m trying to decide which sport we should focus on for him so he can be ready for the 2032 Olympics. His parents have zero athletic ability, so the sky really is the limit…

Last but not least, like I mentioned earlier, we moved this weekend from an apartment to a house! We are so very excited to be in a house with a front and back yard and kind neighbors and no shared walls. There was a LOT going on this weekend as we packed, cleaned, rearranged, etc. Jonah had a few moments of acting up and probably sensing our stress, but, overall, he did so great! I was so proud of him (but might consider a babysitter if we ever move again).


Jonah still seems to love bath time (except when the water is too hot). He’s started splashing quite a bit more recently, and it is the cutest thing. He’ll startle himself and then realize he’s having fun.

We now have ceiling fans and he is absolutely mesmerized. He’ll sit in his Rock n’ Play or lay on his activity mat and just stare at the blades going round and round. It is pretty fascinating, I have to admit.

He is still a big fan of Mommy’s singing, for some reason. When he’s crying, I can sing to him and sometimes get him to calm down (if he’s hungry, though, absolutely nothing will soothe him beyond a bottle). I like to just make up little songs about him and he’ll just grin and coo and be all kinds of adorable.


He is not a fan of the bath when the water is too hot. We made this mistake Sunday night and Jonah had to put his legs completely in the air to avoid putting them in the water (I promise it really wasn’t very hot). He then proceeded to pee all over the bathtub, which is another story entirely. #babyboylife

He still hates being in the car at red lights/stop signs/traffic jams. He’s got places to be, people! He also was not a fan of his long car ride to and from daycare, but that, thankfully, is no longer an issue! (Side note: He often gets really sweaty in his car seat. It is August in Alabama, so I’m aware that sweat is just going to be part of that, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do to help him in his rear-facing seat?)

A Parent Update

This month has been really exhausting for both of us. Being back at work full-time for me, commuting to and from daycare and working part-time for David, getting ready to move… It’s just been a lot.

I’ve also had some sort of sickness at some point for almost the whole month, so that was a big downer, as well. Yay for allergies and stomach bugs and general yuckiness!

Now that the move is behind us and David is getting ready to start classes in two weeks, we’re hoping things will calm down and we’ll be able to establish a better routine (and earlier bedtime!) for all of us.

This month with Jonah, though, has been so great. I love that he recognizes my face after a long day at work (me) and daycare (him) and immediately smiles at me. That will never in a million years get old. I love dreaming about all the fun things we’ll get to do with him in the not-so-distant future. I love when he falls asleep in my arms after eating because he knows it’s a safe place.

Having a baby is tough. It’s hard to get things packed when you’re tending to a crying little boy after each item you place in a box. It’s difficult getting up for work when you just woke up an hour ago for a random nighttime feeding. But you know what? I truly wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is so true what they say: The days are long but the time is short.

We love you so much, Jonah! We’re so glad we’ve gotten to hang out with you for three months, and we can’t wait for so many more!

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