Jonah’s Eleven Month Update

Jonah is so close to that one year mark, and it’s truly crazy how fast the time has flown by. It has been such a fun eleven months with this little guy, and watching him grow and change and learn each day is so cool!

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We still don’t know exact weight and height since he doesn’t have another checkup until he’s one, but I would guess he’s over 20 pounds now. He’s still wearing a lot of 6-9 month clothes with a few 12 month onesies thrown in, but they’re big. He’s also still in size 3 diapers. Jonah also got his third tooth this month (finally!). It’s one of his top teeth, and even though it’s so cute coming in, I’m hopeful that his teething pain will subside soon.

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This kid is a champion when it comes to sleep. He doesn’t always nap well at daycare (there’s so much to do!), but when he’s home he takes pretty good naps, and he is still consistently sleeping through the night. I hope that never changes!

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What He’s Been Up To

We went on a short spring break trip to Gatlinburg this month, and it was such a nice little getaway! We walked a lot, ate lots of yummy food, saw fishies at the aquarium, and sat in a huge rocking chair! I think Jonah really enjoyed himself, and I look forward to lots more fun vacations with him!

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Jonah also celebrated his first St. Patrick’s Day while we were on our trip! We had him decked out in lots of green and he even got a cute little leprechaun hat at dinner. No pinches for Jonah!

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Jonah tried his very first Krispy Kreme doughnut this month, too, and it just so happened to be green for St. Patrick’s Day! He only had a little taste, but I think he’s going to have his mommy’s sweet tooth!

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We had a jam-packed weekend this month when Tori, Jolene, and Jude came to visit. We went to Chick-fil-a, the park, played mini golf, saw Beauty and the Beast at the drive-in, AND topped it all off with a visit to the Easter Bunny! I love that Jonah has such fun cousins to grow up alongside!

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We also had an impromptu dinner with some of our dear friends from Rome this month, and that was such a great time of catching up and reconnecting.

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Lastly, we had lots of fun getting ready for Easter this month! My parents stayed with us for a few days leading up to Easter, and we had a nice relaxing time together. All of our Easter fun will be featured in the next update, but Jonah did help me dye eggs a few days before Easter (watching counts as helping, right??).

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Jonah’s likes are pretty much the same as last month’s. He loves being set free to explore and crawl/pull up on everything in sight.

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He also loves more and more table foods each day, including hummus, shredded cheese, and Cheerios. It’s exciting that he’s starting to enjoy these kinds of foods more and more, especially since we’re almost done with the bottle!

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Jonah still doesn’t like being confined for too long since he wants so desperately to explore and get into everything. He’s definitely not big on snuggling these days, but it’s really fun watching him learn so many new things!

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A Parent Update

This has been such a good month, full of family time and learning new things. It’s rarely easy but it’s always worth it. I’m so grateful to everyone who prays for and loves our family and has helped us get through this first year as parents. We have less than a month before we’ve made it a full year, and I cannot wait for many, many more years to come. We love you so much, Jonah!

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