Jonah’s Eight Month Update

Jonah is eight months old, which means we’re slowly closing in on that one year mark. It is crazy that I felt like I was pregnant F O R E V E R, but these past eight months have flown by!

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Again, there’s no checkup this month so we don’t have exact stats, but Jonah is definitely growing every day. He’s still wearing size 3 diapers and is in almost exclusively 6-9 month clothing.

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For the most part, Jonah does great with sleeping, especially at night. He doesn’t always get great naps, but overall, he’s very well-rested.

We were very much off our usual routine this month, and I think that made things a little more difficult where sleeping was concerned. With the holidays comes lots of travel, time off work, and vacations, so that threw him off and made for a few sleepless nights. It was tough, but I think we’ve got him back on track now (knocking on wood!).

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What He’s Been Up To

This has been such a full and busy month! We took Jonah for his first trip to the zoo this month, and it was such a nice day for it. It was pretty chilly, but there were no crowds and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. He seemed to like looking at all of the animals and probably liked the red pandas the best.

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We also got to celebrate Jonah’s first Christmas this month! It was such a sweet morning at church with him and then opening gifts together. We were excited to be able to be at home this Christmas and to celebrate just the three of us. We got to spend time with David’s family for a few days before Christmas and then with my family a few days after, so it was a busy but fun time!

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Jonah also took his first trip to the mountains! David, Jonah, and I went to Pigeon Forge, TN, with my parents, and we had such a nice time! Jonah went to his first Hard Rock Café, saw the Smoky Mountain Opry Christmas show, and sat in a real highchair at a restaurant for the first time! While in Pigeon Forge, he also celebrated his very first New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day!

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Jonah got to experience his first snow this month, too! It was much more like ice than snow, but it looked pretty! Jonah wasn’t quite sure how he felt about it, but we made sure to get a cute picture, anyway.

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The big news for this month is Jonah is officially on the move! He started crawling about a week ago and hasn’t really wanted to sit still since. I’m not sure why we’re all in such a hurry for our babies to hit certain milestones—this mobile thing is exhausting! 😉

Lastly, Auntie Crapse came for another visit this month, and I think Jonah really enjoyed it! He had so much fun with her, showing off his new crawling skills and falling asleep on her during the season finale of Sherlock. He also tried swinging in a swing at the playground this past weekend, but he didn’t seem too impressed.

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Jonah is still loving all types of baby food and playing with his spoon before, during, and after his meal.

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He loves getting down in the floor and exploring (and, subsequently, putting everything he comes in contact with in his mouth).

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I’ve been rewatching Parenthood the past few weeks, and just like with Gilmore Girls, Jonah loves the theme song! I think we may have a little musician on our hands.

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Jonah also still loves story time, which is my favorite thing, too! I’m so glad he seems to love books and listening to us read to him. I know he’s little, but I definitely think he’s starting to understand more and more as we read to him each night.

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The main thing Jonah dislikes is having his nose wiped. He can’t stand it, even though we’re just trying to help him. He screams like we’re trying to kill him, but I promise we aren’t!

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Jonah had his first real sickness this month, with pink eye in both eyes and a couple of infections. He was still very happy, but I know he didn’t love feeling under the weather. His medicine was grape flavored, though, and he weirdly did seem to enjoy that.

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A Parent Update

This was a fun, busy, full, challenging month. We’re still dealing with insurance-related things due to my wreck, and we’ve been down to one car for a few weeks which has been tough. I, luckily, work with a neighbor who has been so sweet to let me ride with her to work, so that has helped tremendously.

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Being off our routines and being gone so much was tough and tiring, but we’re so glad we have so many people who want to spend time with us and who love Jonah so much.

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These past eight months have definitely been challenging, but overall, they have been some of the best of my life. It’s so much fun being a parent. I’m so glad we get to be parents to you, Jonah. We love you so much!

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  1. He does weirdly love his medicine! If only we could make cleaning his nose more fun. I love how we get to look back on each month’s memories!

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