Jonah’s Five Month Update

Okay, so I think month five has been my favorite month so far. The newborn phase was so sweet but also pretty scary and, quite honestly, a bit of a blur, but this month has been so much fun! Jonah is really starting to bloom with his little personality, smiling constantly, giggling at the most random things, and sleeping through the night (insert Hallelujah praise hands emoji here).


There’s no five month check-up, so we don’t know weight and length for sure, but we do know he’s getting chunkier by the day!

He can still wear a few of his 0-3 month onesies but is mostly wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothes at this point. He’s also still in size 2 diapers.


You guys. This past month has been so much better than last month. It hasn’t been perfect, by any means, but Jonah has done so well with the transition to his crib in his own room! The first week was seriously rough, but we’ve established a really good bedtime routine and he’s been going to sleep without crying for a few weeks now (with the occasional bad day, of course).

Around 8:30 each night, I’ll change his diaper, put on his pajamas, read him a story, and put him in his crib (we start the routine a little earlier on bath nights). He adores his mobile, so he gets very excited about watching it. I’ll turn on his sound machine/projector and his fan, say good night, and turn the light out and shut the door. If he starts crying, I’ll check the video monitor, but we know that he’s just eaten and had his diaper changed, so he’ll be okay. Crying it out was not something we intended on having him do, but guys, it has been such a blessing. We only let him cry for fifteen-ish minutes before going in to check on him, but he usually doesn’t go that long before falling asleep.

The beauty of the video monitor is we can see if he’s just crying to cry or if he actually needs us. He has, on occasion, gotten an arm or leg stuck in a slat in the crib, and we always go in as soon as we see that and get him unstuck. We also just got some breathable mesh bumpers to keep that from happening, and they seem to be working really well so far.

Jonah has also started almost immediately flipping over to sleep on his belly once I put him in the crib, which scared me at first, but now I just see that he’s more comfortable in that position and is clearly still breathing, so it’s gonna be all right. 😉

What He’s Been Up To

Jonah went to his first tailgating party this month. He got to hang out with some of our Life Group friends and their babies, which was so much fun!


Jonah also got to go to his very first fall festival, even though it was approximately 156 degrees outside that day. We still had fun posing him with the pumpkins (he even got a free one!).

We officially have ourselves a roly-poly. Jonah has been rolling a little bit before now, but he can roll from back to belly and back again pretty easily now, which is adorable to watch.

We celebrated his Grammy’s birthday this month with a fun picnic and a game of mini golf. He got a little bored while we were golfing, but he still had fun!

We also celebrated his Aunt Tori’s birthday this month! He got to spend two weekends in a row in Georgia with our families, and he even got to meet his Aunt Jessica for the first time this month!

While in LaFayette for Tori’s birthday, we got to go to one of my best friend’s baby showers! It was so fun to celebrate Baby Ezra!

Lastly, we had a fun day at the Babies R Us Baby’s First Halloween event (they didn’t really do anything, but we got a cute picture) and the Grace House Pumpkin Festival this past Saturday.

Grace House Pumpkin Festival


Jonah is still obsessed with mobiles, ceiling fans, etc. He has now taken it a step further, though, and is grabbing for those things overhead! It’s so fun watching him grow and explore.

Jonah is way more invested in story time these days. I know he doesn’t really know what’s going on in the stories or pictures, but he sits so calmly in my lap and looks at the pages like he’s really paying close attention.

Jonah loves watching us eat. He smiles so big when David or I take a bite of food, which I appreciate much more than when he would always start crying as soon as we sat down to eat.

Jonah also really seems to love daycare. When I drop him off, I put him in the Exersaucer, and he just starts bouncing around like he’s having the time of his life. The older babies will immediately crawl over to him, too, which makes me think he’s kind of the Tommy Pickles of his class. 😉


We are still in the “pre-teething” stage, so he will get cranky for no reason, drool all over the place, and try to put everything in sight in his mouth. There are still no signs of teeth yet, but I’m hoping we’ll see something soon so at least all the random crankiness will be worth it for him.

A Parent Update

I have really loved this last month with Jonah. He’s so much more alert and fun, and hearing his little giggle makes up for literally anything that has ever annoyed me about him. 😉

David and I both got pretty sick this month, though, so that made things a little more difficult than usual. I was dealing with a fever, sore throat, bad cough, no voice, and pinkeye for about a week, and then David immediately got whatever I had as soon as I started feeling better. Somehow, miraculously, Jonah didn’t get sick, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

We are so looking forward to all the fun things we have in store with Jonah as the holidays get closer. Just wait until you see him in his Halloween costume!!

Jonah, we love you so much and are so blessed that you are ours!

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  1. There is absolutely NOTHING about that sweet boy that is or ever could be annoying. . . Just saying.

    I love you anyway,


  2. This is the sweetest! I LOLed on several occasions, knowing how you would say some of those things 😉 Jonah is totes the Tommy Pickles of his little daycare!

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