Jonah’s Nine Month Update

We’ve officially got a nine month old, and I’m still in shock over how fast it’s flying by. We’ve started gathering ideas and planning the first birthday party, which is insane but also super fun because I love planning parties. :)

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We go for Jonah’s nine month checkup on Friday, but when he climbed on the bathroom scale a few days ago, he was 18.2 pounds. I’ll try to remember to come back and update this once we get length and head circumference and all that fun stuff on Friday.

He’s wearing 6-9 month clothes with some 3-6 month pants thrown in every so often (he’s got little short legs like his Mom and Dad!). He’s also still in size 3 diapers.

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Jonah still has trouble getting good naps in sometimes, but overall, he’s a great sleeper. He’s had a lot of sickness this past month, so that’s woken him up some at night, but for the most part, he’s still sleeping through the night like a champ.

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I have a feeling the not wanting to nap comes from all the fun and activity at daycare. Who wants to go to sleep when you can play with fun toys and crawl around everywhere?? (I would still want to sleep, just FYI. This is where Jonah and I are very different people.)

What He’s Been Up To

After last month’s craziness, this has been a much slower (albeit still busy) month. We actually had a few weekends that were slow-paced, where we stayed in our pajamas, took long walks (not in our pajamas), got pictures hung on walls (after only five-ish months!), and just had intentional time as a family. It was restful, peaceful, and so sweet.

Now that Jonah is a master crawler, he has started really trying to pull up on stuff. He’s done it all the way to his feet twice, but he’s mostly content to just pull up onto his knees right now. I’m not rushing this!

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On a sadder note, Jonah has been sick pretty much this whole month. He’s still his happy little self, crawling everywhere, playing with his toys, knocking over block towers with abandon, but he’s had a fever off and on throughout the month. He’s had a few days where he couldn’t go to daycare, and I was secretly pleased about the extra snuggles I got in (now that he’s constantly on-the-go, the snuggles are few and far between, so sickness snuggles are extra sweet).

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We had a fun weekend with David’s family and even got to take Jonah to a big Lego store with one of David’s best friends. David enjoyed this trip more than Jonah did, probably, but it was sweet to see David get so excited about building things with Jonah in the future.

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Jonah got to go to a fun birthday party this month, too! His cousin Jude turned five and had a really cool Minecraft party. The decorations and food were so cute and fun, and Jonah loved having that big gymnasium floor to crawl all over! (Jonah also got to meet his new friend, Weston, on this trip, but we unfortunately didn’t take any pictures!!)

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Last but not least, Jonah celebrated his first Valentine’s Day/Mommy’s Birthday this month. He wore the cutest little outfit, had Dr. Seuss Valentine’s cards for all his classmates and teachers, and made the cutest card for us!

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Jonah really enjoys being set free to crawl all over the house. He loves exploring, pulling up on all the furniture, finding all the K Cups ever invented and throwing them around, etc. It’s fun to watch, exhausting to clean up after.

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Jonah loves all people. He never meets a stranger, which is cute now, but we’ll definitely have some Stranger Danger conversations in the future, haha! He’s a very extroverted baby and loves being the center of attention (not sure where that comes from…). 😉

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Jonah is still a big fan of all the baby foods we’ve given him to try, but…


…He’s not loving any of the table foods we’ve given him yet. We’ve tried hummus, refried beans, and mashed potatoes, and so far, he hasn’t been a fan. He liked the potatoes the best of the three, but I’m not sure what else to try. I guess I’m not trying bland enough foods, but I was going for texture. Any advice or tips about table food would be awesome!

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It’s obvious Jonah doesn’t love being sick. He still hates getting his nose wiped, some of his medicine (loves grape, hates berry), and getting put down for a nap when he’s obviously not done playing. But for the most part, he’s a very happy baby, so I’m grateful this section is short every month! :)

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A Parent Update

This was a tough month for me. It wasn’t tough because of Jonah, at all, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety after my wrecks and that was really weighing me down. I realized that I was trying way too hard to be in control (and this is something I’ll probably always struggle with), and I wasn’t doing a very good job of leaning on God. I’ve been really working hard on my relationship with Him, and things have gotten so much better. I still fail every single day, of course, but I’m giving myself grace and reminding myself that He’s holding me in His righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10).

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I am so thankful for a husband and son who love me and make me happier than I’ve ever been. I had one of the best birthdays of my life this year, and I was just so grateful all day.

My dad has sadly been in the hospital with pneumonia for the past almost two weeks, so that’s been tough, too. He’s getting better every day, but it’s still hard. If you’re still reading this, I just ask that you pray that he’ll get better super soon so he can play with Jonah again! I know they miss each other.

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This has been an interesting month, full of ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I am so excited to see what’s in store for Jonah as a nine month old. We love you so much, buddy!

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