Jonah’s Six Month Update

Jonah is officially half a year old! We have had so much fun this last month with the holidays being right around the corner, and we are more than looking forward to starting new, sweet family traditions.


We go for Jonah’s six month checkup tomorrow, so I’ll update this once we know his new height and weight. He’s definitely growing, so I’m excited to see just how much!

Toward the beginning of the month, he was mostly just wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothes, but the past week or so he’s been wearing a few 6 month and even a couple 6-9 month things. He started the month in size 2 diapers but has graduated to size 3s.


Jonah has still been a champion in the sleeping department! He doesn’t always get great naps at daycare, but he typically gets two each day, one a little longer than the other. He is still sleeping through the night in his crib, only occasionally waking up earlier than 6 a.m. It has been such a blessing!

When Daylight Savings Time ended, we were at my parents’ house, and he had a rough night of sleep that night, but I’m pretty sure that screwed up everyone’s sleep schedule for a few days. Other than that, things have been going really well. He knows his bedtime routine now, and we are so grateful.

What He’s Been Up To

We started Jonah on a few solid foods this month, and he has been very open to the new options! He loves sweet potatoes and green peas and isn’t too sure about green beans. We have lots of other flavors for him to try, too, so we’re hoping he won’t be a picky eater.

Jonah celebrated his very first Halloween this month, and he was the world’s cutest little lion! We had so much fun dressing up with him. My parents came for Halloween weekend, and we got to go to our church’s fall festival and a fun Halloween event at Bass Pro Shop!

Jonah is still rolling all over the place, never staying still long enough for a diaper or wardrobe change. It has been a challenge, but one we’re up for! He’s been doing this thing where he lays on his tummy, puts his arms out, and kind of paddles his legs, so I’m thinking he’s trying to crawl? I’m hoping we still have some time before this happens, but it is super cute! He’s definitely scooting all over, though, so we can no longer leave Jonah anywhere and expect to find him in the exact same place.

We had a fun Friendsgiving celebration with some friends from my hometown, and that was a really fun night! There were lots of sweet babies there (in person and in bellies!), and it was so nice to see friends we don’t get to see as often since moving to Alabama.

Lastly, Jonah got to meet Santa this month! It’s a bit early, but they had a big event at Bass Pro Shop welcoming Santa to town, and I didn’t want to miss it. There was a little parade, free photos with Santa, a carousel, and lots more. We had a blast!


Jonah’s current favorite thing in the world is the Gilmore Girls theme song. I’ve been rewatching in anticipation of the new episodes coming out next week (!!!), and every time the theme song comes on, Jonah stops whatever he’s doing (bouncing in his bouncy seat, crying hysterically, etc.) It is so funny and so cute.

Like I said earlier, we started Jonah on solid foods, and I think his favorite so far has been green peas (not being a fan of the green pea myself, I was pretty surprised by this). The first food we tried with him was sweet potatoes, so I think he was a little thrown off and not sure what was going on. As he tries more foods, I’m excited to see what he really seems to like and what he thinks is disgusting.

Jonah is just generally a big fan of people. He smiles at everyone, and laughs hysterically when his Pawpaw tickles him. I love that he’s such a happy baby and seems to enjoy everyone’s company. I am an extrovert while David is more introverted, so it’s fun to see Jonah’s personality develop and see where he might land on that scale (I’m thinking extroverted at this point!).


Jonah has had a few sinus troubles this month, and he cannot stand getting the snot sucked out of his nose. He thrashes around and gets so mad when I come toward him with the tissue and the bulb. He calms down pretty quickly once it’s over, but it’s heartbreaking being the cause of those screams, even if it is for his own good!

A Parent Update

Things have been pretty good for the parents this month! We’ve had so much fun introducing Jonah to all the exciting holiday things, getting him new festive clothes, and reading him bedtime stories each night. We are both so excited for Christmas and all the fun things we’ll get to do with Jonah this year and in the years to come.

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  1. I’m so glad you do this for him. He will love reading them when he’s older. He is so sweet and cute. I’m glad he sleeps through the night on his own, a task I’m not good at with mine! You’re doing great!

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