Jonah’s Ten Month Update

We’re in the double digits, friends! Jonah is ten months old, and it is such a fun age! It’s sad that he’s no longer a squishy little bitty baby that snuggles and sleeps all the time, but now he’s an almost-toddler that plays and interacts and laughs and recognizes us. Both ages are so much fun and so sweet, but I’m loving this age, for now!

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Jonah doesn’t have another check-up until he’s one (how is that so close??), but he’s getting bigger every day! I finally packed up all of his 3-6 month clothes this past weekend because even though the pants still fit, they were getting pretty short on him. It was time. He’s still wearing mostly 6-9 month things and in size 3 diapers.

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Sleep is still going well! I think he’s trying to transition to just taking one nap a day, which has made him really tired in the evenings, so we’re working on finding a better bedtime for him. We typically get him ready for bed around 8:30, but when he doesn’t nap, he sometimes goes to sleep for the night between 6:30 or 7:00!

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What He’s Been Up To

Jonah started really pulling up on stuff this month, even cruising around the coffee table and things like that!

Jonah got to visit his first bridal shop this month when I went to try on bridesmaids’ dresses for my beautiful friend Emilee’s wedding!

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He also got to go to a super fun birthday party for our awesome friend Erin, where we played lots of games and he got lots of attention (but we sadly didn’t take any pictures!).

We also celebrated 41 weeks outside of the womb this month! Jonah was exactly a week late coming into the world, so I thought it would be fun to do a comparison of 41 weeks in the womb as opposed to 41 weeks outside of it. Though I had a pretty easy pregnancy, overall, I can definitely say I prefer him being outside of the womb! 😉

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Jonah also celebrated being 300 days old this month (I don’t keep up with this, for the record; the What to Expect app tells me). It’s crazy that it’s been that long and how close he is to a year old, but it’s been so much fun!

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Lastly, we got to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday this month! Jonah’s room is decorated in all Dr. Seuss things, so this was really fun! We got to meet the Cat in the Hat, and Jonah even had a dress-up day at daycare!

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Jonah loves doing things himself these days. He feeds himself his bottle, tries to grab the spoon when eating baby food, and enjoys eating food directly off his high chair tray (though he loves this, the messiness of it kills me a little inside).

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Jonah has been eating a lot more table foods this month and seems to be liking them a lot more than he was! I’m hoping to keep introducing him to more foods, but so far, he really likes black beans, pancakes, and yogurt bites.

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Jonah also loves crawling around all over the place and pulling up on everything. It’s crazy how quickly all of this is happening, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was walking by next month (but I’m not rushing it!). He’s fallen down a few times because he tries standing without holding on to anything, but I think he’s going to get the hang of it soon.

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Bath time has been a bit hit or miss this month. We got him a couple of little books for the bath, and he enjoys playing with those, but he gets very upset if any water comes anywhere near his eyes. I hope he’ll get past that soon because I want him to love bath time and the water, in general!

Jonah doesn’t really like being held if you’re sitting down anymore, unless he’s tired. He wants to get down and explore; he doesn’t have time for random snuggling! It’s exhausting for us, but it really is cool to watch him discover new things and play and interact more.

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A Parent Update

My dad came home from the hospital this month, so that was a huge relief! He’s pretty much back to normal, though he lost a lot of weight that he’s trying to gain back now with frequent milkshakes. 😉 It was hard seeing my dad like that, and it really weighed on me. I’m so thankful for your prayers for him and my whole family because they were definitely heard, and things are so much better!

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David is also in the very busy part of his semester, so that makes life a little more hectic, too. He does such a good job of balancing all that he has going on, and I am so thankful for that. I never feel like he expects me to do everything just because he’s got a lot of homework. I am so blessed to have such an awesome partner in marriage and parenthood.

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This was a good month, overall. I am grateful for answered prayers, a God who listens no matter what, and for amazing friends and family. I am super excited to see what month eleven holds, but keep praying for us, especially if month eleven includes a newly walking baby! 😉

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