Jonah’s Twelve Month Update

We have officially made it one full year! I can’t believe how fast Jonah’s first year went by (but I do remember those long nights when he was just a few weeks old, so it didn’t go by that fast). This has been a crazy year, full of lots of ups and downs and transitions. There are some things I wish hadn’t happened (scary car wrecks should NEVER happen), but overall, this year has been one of growth and excitement, and for that, I am grateful.

South Carolina


Jonah is just shy of thirty inches long and weighs right at 20 pounds! He is still in the same diaper and clothing sizes as last month, but he now has a fourth tooth coming in! He officially has the four front teeth, and it is absolutely adorable.



We’re still doing really well with sleep, thankfully! He has a few nights that aren’t so good, and I definitely think teething is a big contributing factor, but overall, sleeping through the night is a common and beautiful thing at our house.


What He’s Been Up To

Jonah celebrated his first Easter this month! He got a little Easter basket, went to church in his cute little suspenders, and got to have a fun Easter lunch with Grammy and GranDan!


Sadly, we also said goodbye to Mimi this month. David’s grandmother was THE sweetest, cutest lady I have ever seen, and she is already so missed. Things happened quickly, and, luckily, we were able to make the trip to North Carolina for the funeral. Though it was such a sad occasion, Mimi was very well celebrated, and Jonah got to visit two new states!


Jonah and I had our first mother/son date night the day before Mother’s Day, and I really enjoyed it! Our local Chick-fil-a had a little event, and it was such a sweet memory.

Date Night

I also got to celebrate my first Mother’s Day this month (I was about to pop last Mother’s Day, but Jonah wanted to stay inside a little while longer)! Jonah (with no help from David, of course) got me an amazing gift, and I am so thankful.

Mother's Day

Last but not least, Jonah had a big day on his actual birthday. We had balloons in his crib when he woke up, which he enjoyed, and then we had fun at the McWane Science Center here in Birmingham, got some fun supplies for Jonah’s birthday party (that will have to be a separate post, but it was so much fun!), and topped it off with birthday cake-flavored frozen yogurt!

Birthday Balloons


Jonah’s first taste of whole milk was a big success! He loved it (though we’re still working on getting him to love his sippy cup). We are slowly working on the transition from toddler formula in a bottle to whole milk in a cup/more table foods, but he still loves his bottle. We’ll get there eventually!


Jonah still loves playing with the trash can. He has upped his game by now throwing random things away (sometimes trash, sometimes silverware or toys), and he loves pushing it all over the kitchen. He actually loves pushing anything these days, from his toys to the kitchen chairs. He might have a future in interior decorating.

Trash Can

We’ve had lots of fun lately playing with his toys in his room together. He’ll play for a minute, then roll onto his back to let me know he’s ready to be tickled. I typically oblige because the sound of his little belly laugh melts my heart.



Like I said above, Jonah doesn’t love his sippy cup. He does okay with it, but if he’s mad, you can forget it! We might just haven’t found the right cup for him yet, but I’m hopeful we will find it soon!


Just like the last few months, Jonah doesn’t love being confined (though he does seem to like his new big boy car seat!). Gone are the days of snuggling or sitting contentedly for more than ten seconds—this kid wants to explore! It’s so fun watching him grow and learn, but I don’t know if I’ll ever not be exhausted!

Car Seat

A Parent Update

Wow. What a year. This has been a year of stretching, of growth, of learning something new every day. It’s been a year of exhaustion, humility, and lots of apologies after harsh words on long, long days. It’s been a year of excitement, so many firsts, and sweet, sweet family time. It’s been a year of loss, of sadness, of immeasurable happiness, and all that comes between.


I can’t imagine making it through this year with anyone else. I am so glad I have such an awesome partner in marriage and parenthood. Every day is not always a good one, but, overall, this has been an amazing year.

Birthday Boy

We are so looking forward to what this next year holds (first steps, first sentences, who knows?!). We love you so much, Jonah. Thanks for making us parents and sticking it out this whole year with us!

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  1. What a year you have had! I love keeping up with you and your family through these posts, you do such an excellent job writing them! Love you guys!

  2. Jonah was definitely the highlight of 2016 for all of us! Mawmaw loves that sweet boy so much! And she’s pretty fond of his parents, too.

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