Maegan + David / Part 2

Maegan + David / Part 2

Part 1

After our initial meeting, I didn’t immediately think much of it. I was still clinging to my past relationship, so I obviously wasn’t looking for a boyfriend at the time. I was in a weird, almost depressed state, but my biggest issue at the moment was getting to class on time. Isn’t it funny that I remember so much about the moment leading up to meeting David, but I don’t actually remember if I was late to class or not? I’m sure I was.

After classes, students would often go to FSU (the Fitton Student Union) to hang out or work or check their mailbox. Seeing as I was a commuter, I hung out there pretty often. I had two morning classes, a break at noon, a class at one, and then a bigger break until my math class in the evening. You don’t care about that, but I’m adding it in, anyway. So I went in to FSU at noon and saw this mysterious boy sitting with some of my friends. I remember him seeing me and saying, “Hey, you almost ran over me this morning!” So smooth.

Later, during my longer break, I was planning on going to Sarah’s dorm room to hang out. I had the best friends at Shorter, who let me come hang out in their room during long breaks and even, my sophomore year, basically live on their couch. Those girls were the best. Anyway, so we walk in her room, and—you guessed it!—there sits David on her couch (he was hanging out with Sarah’s roommate, Ally).

I thought it was pretty interesting that he kept popping up everywhere that day, but I honestly didn’t dwell on it much. It took several months, in fact, before this story goes somewhere.

At the end of my freshman year, I decided to apply to be a Peer Mentor, which meant I would be in a freshman seminar class and hopefully be able to help them with any issues or concerns they had. I loved the Peer Mentor we’d had in our class, and I was looking forward to being that for someone else.

A few weeks before the fall semester began, all of the Peer Mentors had to come to training. It was in the morning, and I was coming from LaFayette. It was probably another flying-out-the-back-door sort of morning, but I do remember getting to training on time. I also remember seeing someone walking up the hill on my way to park. It was David, and he was going to be a Peer Mentor, too.

During training, I didn’t sit with him or even talk to him much, but I remember feeling excited that he was there. We had to do a get-to-know-each-other activity where we drew something that described our personality, and I drew a smiley face, a green light, and a four leaf clover (happy-go-lucky; get it??). I was so proud of it, especially when Dr. Faust showed it first and thought it was cute. I maybejustalittlebit hoped that David thought it was cute, too. [Side note: He doesn’t remember it at all. Sad. He does, however, remember that Angel Brown drew cheese.]

Part of being a Peer Mentor was helping at Camp Hawk, a two-day freshman orientation sort of thing. I really liked it my freshman year (a lot of people didn’t but I’m weird), so I was excited to go back. I am all about icebreaker games and feeling super awkward all while getting to know your potential new best friend. It’s just fun!

So we got our bus partners (not David) and roommates (Laura Watson was mine; who knew she’d be our wedding photographer a few years down the road?) for the trip and were soon on our way to camp. It was as fun and awkward as you can imagine. It was hot and the freshmen were nervous and I loved it. The girls in our cabin were so cool, and some I’m still friends with to this day.

There are all kinds of things to do at the camp during free time, like swim, rope climb, eat snacks, play sports, etc. When I was an incoming freshman, I had big plans to stay in the cabin and read (I’m a big partier, can’t you tell?). It was a nice day, though, so I brought my book outside and looked for a place to sit down without looking awkwardly alone. I ended up near a swing with a girl I recognized from the group I’d been with that morning. Her name was Sarah, and she was so quiet and sweet (laughing so hard at how different she is now). She was sitting with two of her roommates, and I loved getting to know each of them. Sarah and I realized that we intensely loved the same books (Harry Potter! Anything by Sarah Dessen!) and really, as they say, the rest is history.

But anyway, back to this time at good ole Camp Hawk. My friend, Jocelyn, was also a Peer Mentor, and we decided we would work in the snack shack, adorably named the Beli Deli. Guess who else was working it? (That would be David.)

We worked the Beli Deli for a while, probably longer than anyone else, but we were having so much fun, we didn’t mind. Everything was free, so we just had to grab snacks and hand them out, and it was a really neat way to get to know the freshmen and each other. It was especially fun when lots of people came up at once and we were throwing things and creating assembly lines. I loved that frenzied feeling of trying to make sure everyone walks away happy. When I was a cashier, I absolutely loved working the day before Thanksgiving or the week of Christmas because it was always so busy and chaotic. I’m not sure why I liked it so much,
but I’m a big fan of the fast pace. I already told you I’m a fast driver, after all.

Jocelyn, David, our new friend Zach, and I all had a blast working together in the Beli Deli. Even after we finished our “shifts,” we hung around and chatted. I was so happy and having so much fun, and then I realized: I liked this boy.

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