Maegan + David / Part 3

Maegan + David / Part 3

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After Camp Hawk was over and classes had begun, busyness sort of took over life for a while, as it does. I would see David sometimes in a crowded hallway or walking in the Front Circle, but there were no “big” or “magical” moments between us. I knew I liked him, but I hadn’t told anyone yet. It was a feeling I honestly hoped would just go away. I was very busy with homework, commuting, working, and now Epsilon Sigma.

While I was at Camp Hawk that summer, I decided I wanted to rush. A lot of my friends did this my freshman year, but I wasn’t interested in getting involved with really anything that year (I made up for it my next three years, though!). After seeing how much fun it was and knowing it would be a great way to get to know more people on campus, I went for it. It had its disadvantages; the week of Rush, sisters of all sororities are not allowed to talk to potential new members except at Rush events. This meant that I wasn’t allowed to talk to hardly any of my friends during the day, so that was no fun. The events were all great, though, and I eventually joined Epsilon Sigma, the local Christian sorority at Shorter.

It took up a lot of my time, and I even got demoted at work because I had to be at Shorter for so much sorority stuff, but I was honestly okay with it. It wasn’t fun getting demoted, but it also wasn’t fun working every Saturday morning at 7 am, so the demotion had its perks. Plus, I felt like it was important to get involved on campus, and since I had no desire to work at a grocery store for the rest of my life, doing something more fun seemed like a better idea in my book.

Being at Shorter more often also gave me more opportunities to see David, which didn’t help the feelings to go away (in hindsight, I’m very glad about this!).

At the beginning of September, I got tagged in a Note on Facebook. Does anyone still write those? I used to write them all the time, and they were mostly random surveys about myself that I did while I should have been doing my homework. But anyway, back in good ole 2009, the Notes were still pretty popular. I got tagged in one by my friend Zach, who had worked with us at the Beli Deli at Camp Hawk that summer.

The note had ten “confessions” about the ten people you tagged, saying something to them that you might not be able to say to their face. If you got tagged, you were in turn supposed to fill it out for yourself and tag ten new people and keep it going.

So I decided to do it. I thought long and hard about the ten people I wanted to tag, and I ultimately chose David as one of my ten. It’s funny to think about it now because it was not a big deal at all and I truly don’t even know if he ever even read it, but I so carefully crafted that “confession” in hopes that he might realize it was him, but then again, he might not. It took me a long time and it was just a couple of sentences. Again, to this day, I don’t know if he even read it, but I put myself out there in a big way (it felt like) and now it was his turn to make a move.

A little while after I made my Note public, Jocelyn and I were walking to class when we ran into David. He was coming up the hill from the gym and carrying a tennis racquet. I remember feeling very nervous because he probably knew I liked him and was totally disgusted or something. He stopped and said hello to us and we asked him about the racquet. I was thinking, “This is pretty cool. I didn’t know he played sports!” He was like, “Oh yeah, didn’t you know I’m on the tennis…class?” So funny, even then. 😉

This was all around Labor Day, which is very significant. Sarah, who lived five hours away in Savannah, had gone home for the long weekend and fallen asleep at the wheel. She was fine, but I think her parents were hoping that a friend would accompany her on the drive the next time she came home. We had gotten much closer that semester and I was excited when she asked me to come home with her for Fall Break at the beginning of October. I made sure I was off work and that my parents didn’t mind and let her know I could go.

I had no idea that this trip would change my life forever.

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