Maegan + David / Part 4

Maegan + David / Part 4

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When Fall Break finally arrived, I was ready to go. I’d never been to Savannah, so I was really excited for this new adventure. Sarah and I loaded up her car and headed off, listening to every single Glee song that was out at that point in time.

Before we’d even gotten out of Rome, though, we stopped at Taco Bell for lunch on-the-go and were waiting patiently in the drive-thru when something slammed into the back of the car. Sarah’s eyes got wide as she shrieked, “They just hit me! They just hit my car!” So I, in a very FBI-agent sort of way, slid down in my seat to look at the driver in the rearview mirror. It was a lady in a big van, and after careful studying, I let Sarah know that she looked pretty mean.

So after getting our food, we pulled over into the parking lot and got out to inspect the damage. There was nothing on the car at all, so that was great news. The scary lady in her van came over after getting her order and rolled down her window. “You left your debit card at the window! I’m so sorry about your car!”

Seriously, she was the nicest lady probably in the world. Clearly, my FBI skills need work. Since there was nothing wrong with the car, we went on our way, laughing hysterically at how freaked out we got over “our wreck.” I was on this trip to keep Sarah from getting in a wreck, after all.

Once we got to Savannah, we went to Sarah’s brother’s Homecoming football game, where I got to meet one of Sarah’s friends from high school and some of her family. Sarah’s family is the best, let me tell you. I just love her parents, and don’t even get me started on her Poppy. Literally the cutest old man I’ve ever seen.

So, anyway, during our time there, Sarah took me around Savannah to see some of the historic landmarks and things like that. It was seriously hot and muggy, which I complained about a lot (sorry, Sarah!), but we had so much fun. We took lots of pictures and just had a nice time.

We also watched Pocahontas and attempted to watch Pocahontas 2 and got the video stuck in the VCR (it’s probably time to say goodbye to VCRs, anyway), so we had to watch it on YouTube. The only video they had that was actually hi-res was in German, so we had to open two videos and try our best to sync one’s sound with the other’s picture. This isn’t really relevant, it was just really funny.

Anyway, on Saturday, Sarah and I went to her brother’s band competition. I was in marching band in high school and absolutely loved band competitions. Those were some seriously fun times, and I truly just enjoyed watching the other bands perform. I was so excited when Sarah asked if I wanted to go (my nerdiness is showing but I don’t even care). The bands we saw were really good, but one in particular was clearly doing well. They had a huge band, tons of props, and people dressed up in costumes. It was pretty over-the-top, but they really were good. I had actually seen this band at a couple of band competitions I’d competed in in high school, so that was really cool.

When it was time for the awards ceremony, that band was winning everything. They would wave little white handkerchiefs every time they won something, and Sarah had had enough. They were beating her brother’s band, after all, which also performed a great show. As we were leaving, Sarah was letting off her irritated feelings about the band that won everything. She was trying to remember who she knew that had been in that band, and then, it came to her. David. Dockery.


I was completely thrown. That meant that I’d been in the same place as him in high school and didn’t even know it. I could have walked right by him at a concession stand without realizing I was going to have a crush on him in a couple of years. Isn’t life so weird sometimes?

So as we were getting in the car, Sarah pulled out her phone and texted David about his band. Then she handed me her phone and told me to text him back if he responded (safety first; she was driving). So I did. I might have also put his number into my own phone, you know, for safekeeping. It seemed pretty harmless, though it could have easily come across as very creepy.

Later on that night, I racked my brains trying to come up with a legitimate reason to text him. It took a while, but then I remembered: He was a Sweetheart in my sorority, and my pledge class had a fundraiser coming up that concerned the Sweethearts. I was helping make sure the guys knew where to be and when to get there, so I decided it would be a great excuse to text David and just make sure he knew what was up.

I’ve asked him about how he felt when this random person texted him that night, and he did admit he thought it was a little weird. He was sitting at a Waffle House in Carrollton with a friend of his when I texted him, and I’m pretty sure no one realized at the time how significant it was.

But, miraculously, he texted back. I was all kinds of excited when my phone went off and I had a message, actual words, from David. I couldn’t believe it. The conversation didn’t last long, and I think one or both of us fell asleep during it. I had no idea if we’d ever text again because really, there are only so many things you can use as excuses to start a conversation, and it would be good if he started the conversation next time (if there was to be a next time). But the next night, while I was at church with Sarah and her family, my phone went off again.

New message from David Dockery.

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  1. I love hearing more about the Dockery story! I also love that I was actually there at the band competition waving those white rags (napkins) because of the win. Haha. I hope that there are no more hard feelings Sarah!

  2. Ha! This is so great! I still remember meeting Ben at Waffle House and getting a text from you! I dunno what it said now, but I do remember talking about band. I love reading our story!!!

  3. I love every bit of this, as usual! I laughed out loud so many times during this! Such a great trip! Oooh the "wreck" and Pocahontas fiasco! Pocahontas is still there, btw.
    Texting during church?? Shame! Haha! I can't wait to read what happens next!

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