Maegan + David / Part 5

Maegan + David / Part 5

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After Fall Break, David and I texted pretty often. I don’t remember any specific messages, but that wasn’t the point. The point was, we were talking! A lot! My mom knew I liked him, even though I hadn’t said anything, but she is really good at reading me. It’s pretty annoying sometimes.

Not long after Fall Break, Shorter held the annual Moonshine Run, which isn’t at all what it sounds like. It’s actually for Alcohol Awareness, and it’s just a run (or walk, in my case) around the Hill at nighttime (hence the nice “Moonshine” play on words). There are free T-shirts and snacks after it’s over, and it’s just a cool event. Plus, I am all about a free T-shirt.

Due to all the text messages we’d shared, I knew that David was also going to be at the Moonshine Run, and I really, really hoped he’d want to walk together. I even let my friends know that was my plan, just in case. I was hoping for a not-a-date-but-sort-of-a-date situation.

Once everyone got lined up to start the run/walk, we were in the very back of the huge group. David and I did walk together, which I was super excited about, but I’m pretty sure that he had no idea that this was our “sort of” first date. I mean, it wasn’t ideal, but it was the first time we’d really hung out since we’d started texting, so I was taking what I could get.

As we walked, I tried inching nearer to him nonchalantly, just in case he wanted to make a move and hold my hand. I mean, a moonlit walk around campus is totally an appropriate time to do that, right? It was nearing the end of October, so it was pretty chilly, and David had on a hoodie while I was just in a T-shirt. I sort of sighed and said, “Man, it’s pretty cold out here!”

Men reading this: Please take note that David’s response is not ideal. He responded, “Yeah, but if you think you’re getting my jacket, you’ve got another thing coming.”

Ouch. [Side note: He swears he wasn’t this rude, and he might not have been, but this is how I remember it.] So we walked on in awkward not-holding-hands silence, and I was beginning to rethink this whole thing. He always seemed so nice, so I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on. Even if he didn’t like me, he seemed like a nice enough guy that he would offer someone his jacket if they were cold.

I let it go, though, and we kept walking. We got near the end of the loop when he stepped off the trail to go look at something. I sort of hesitated, not sure if he expected me to wait on him or keep walking, and he was like, “You don’t have to wait for me.”

Fine then. So I started walking again, but he did eventually catch back up with me. I couldn’t believe how terribly this night was going, though. I had a picture in my head that was being ripped to shreds. I went home that night, feeling pretty bummed out.

Not long after that, we had our Halloween sorority meeting. It was so much fun! I dressed up like a cat, and I thought it was pretty cute. David had invited us to come to the BCM Halloween Swing Dance after the meeting (his Moonshine Run transgressions had obviously been forgiven), so I was really looking forward to that. He had been much, much nicer since the “Moonshine Run incident,” hopefully realizing how rude he’d been
before, so I was really hoping he’d ask me to dance.

We got to the dance, and he was waiting outside, dressed as none other than Dwight Schrute (the resemblance is uncanny). I’m not going to lie, I was not thrilled that he was going to have his hair parted down the middle for our hopefully-first-dance.

I was excited about learning to swing dance, though, and immediately got on the dance floor to learn. Sarah and I started to get the hang of it, and we were doing pretty well, when David came over. This is it. He’s going to ask me. We are about to have our first dance and it’s going to be adorable and everyone is going to notice how cute we look together and insist we are soul mates.

“May I cut in?” YES. YES! He then—I seriously could not make this stuff up—proceeded to dance with Sarah.



This is not at all how this was supposed to play out. He was supposed to dance with me and we were supposed to get married. Not all that night, but, you know, eventually.

To say I was crushed would be the understatement of the century. Sarah and I left pretty soon after that so I could drown my sorrows in Sonic ice cream.

I was sad and upset and confused. He acted like he liked me, and I just couldn’t believe this was how he was letting me know that he didn’t.

After that, I was pretty sure my crush was over.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I forgot about all the craziness! Hilarious! I still can't get over the fact that he danced with me. ME. Given our friendship after that point…so weird! Also, I love that last picture very much 😀
    Also, this needs to be a Hallmark movie, or a real movie, or something. I request someone super cool to portray me 😉

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