Maegan + David / Part 6

Maegan + David / Part 6

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Getting over a crush is often easier said than done, so, even though I was very frustrated with David, I knew, deep down, that I still liked him. So when he texted me and invited me to come to the BCM tailgate for the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home on Halloween, I agreed to go. Why would he invite me if he didn’t want to spend time with me?

I was already planning on being at Shorter that Saturday, anyway, because my Theater Appreciation class was helping at the Haunted House that night. I was super excited to be in a haunted house, hopeful that I’d get cool makeup and get to scare lots of people; plus, all the proceeds went to St. Jude’s! It was a win/win situation.

On Halloween morning, I headed to Barron Stadium to help at the tailgate. I was excited because I’d gone to the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home not long ago with my church to help redecorate some of the little girls’ rooms. As I was helping at the tailgate, several of the little girls came up to hug me. It was so sweet and so rewarding.

Side note about that trip: I knew that God was working in me because I helped my friend, Erin, give pedicures to all the little girls. If you know me at all, you know how much I hate feet. Those pedicures made those girls’ days, though, so I was glad I could be a part of that.

Back to Halloween. The tailgate was really fun, and I got to know Shayla really well that day (previously, when I’d said hi to her, she’d said, “Hey…. You!” because she didn’t remember my name). So I was excited to get to know her, and I even told her that I liked David. We all ate lunch together at the tailgate, and then headed to Shorter together afterward.

Soon after, I met up with Sarah so we could go get our makeup done for the Haunted House. I told her how well the morning had gone, and David and I texted the whole day. He even asked me to come over to watch Harry Potter with him after I was finished at the Haunted House. Was this a date? I think it was a date! Our first date! Thank goodness I didn’t give up on him!

When it was finally time for Sarah and me to get our Haunted House makeup, our professor decided to make us Dementors. It was just going to be a Harry Potter kind of Halloween, apparently. I had no idea what sort of makeup a Dementor would wear, but we were both so excited. We were surrounded by awesomely made up vampires, a few Jokers from Batman, and Bella from Twilight, complete with broken leg, so we couldn’t wait to see what we looked like.

It. Was. Terrible. We had black stuff on our teeth, disgusting weirdness in our hair that made us look like we hadn’t bathed in weeks, and crazy makeup all over our faces. We had to wear black cloaks, too, which honestly meant there was no need for makeup at all (but we’d insisted!), but oh, well. It was for a good cause, right?

The Haunted House was supposed to start around dark, and I don’t think anyone knew when it was supposed to end. We were in a big open area in the basement of Roberts, a boys’ dorm on campus. Sarah and I were the only Dementors, and we had a few prisoners to keep in check. One of these prisoners was portraying Bellatrix Lestrange, and she literally screamed “I killed Sirius Black!all. night. long. The Dementors were supposed to stroll around when people came through, whipping our long chains and breathing heavily (I almost hyperventilated at one point; I got a little too into it).

When we’d have a break between visitors, I would text David. He was planning on coming by, so I was hoping to see him. My parents even came, which was exciting, though my mom knows nothing about Harry Potter and probably just made fun of me.

I think we ended up working the Haunted House for about four hours. It was crazy and chaotic and we were so tired, but it was really fun. They got us all pizza and I think I ate a whole one before blinking.

We got finished around midnight. My hair was as greasy as it had been when we’d started, my makeup still a lovely mask of hideousness. We went to Sarah’s room so I could take a quick shower before going to watch Harry Potter with David.

Aaaaand there was no hot water. So. I had to go meet David for our first date looking probably the worst I’ve ever looked, to this day. I was not happy. I pulled up to his dorm and he was outside, waiting to greet me. I’m almost positive he wished he hadn’t been out there when he saw what I looked like. I asked if I could take a quick shower before we watched the movie because, seriously, I looked horrendous (see photos if you need a reminder).

The shower got rid of the makeup but my hair was another story (I had to wash it with almost a whole bottle of dishwashing liquid the next day before I saw any improvements).

We started watching Harry Potter, and I was so excited. Our first date wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for (seriously, I still have nightmares about how gross my hair was), but it was sweet and I loved it. One of his roommates came in not too far into the movie and sat down and watched it with us and I didn’t even care (he was also dressed as the Phantom of the Opera, which made it pretty cool).

After the movie, I still had to drive home, and David walked me out to my car. We didn’t hold hands or kiss or even call it a date, but he hugged me and told me to be careful, and I knew that I was a goner.

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  1. Seriously laughing so much remembering this! I told Shayla I has a feeling those pictures would make an appearance. Yikes!
    Once again, wonderful! And so very, very precious :)

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