Maegan + David / Part 7

Maegan + David / Part 7

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Halloween 2009 is still, to this day, one of my very favorite days. It was long, exhausting, ridiculous, and so, so, so fun. I loved every minute of that crazy day.

The next week was going to be another busy one, but I was so excited for it. I was probably even early to Shorter the following Monday morning (doubtful, but it would have been cool!). After my classes were over on Monday, David walked me to my car before I headed home. As we were walking, he was kind of swinging his arm in a super awkward sort of way and ended up hitting me really hard in the leg. Come to find out, he was trying to nonchalantly hold my hand. It was hilarious and awkward and perfect, just like so much of the beginning of our relationship.

The next day was Country Showcase, a mixer with Epsilon Sigma and Delta, one of the fraternities on campus. Most everyone dressed up in western gear (or whatever we had that sort of resembled western gear) and learned several fun dances. I got to hang out with Eli that night with his infamous “butt cut” and got my very first picture with David.

Afterward, a group of us went to Sonic for non-drowning-our-sorrows ice cream. When we got back to campus, Sarah, some friends, and I were watching a movie while David had to go work on a paper. He was texting me, though, that he couldn’t concentrate, and ended up sending me this Facebook message (for anyone still mad at him for Part 5, this should definitely redeem him).

Precious, right? That Saturday was Sarah’s twentieth birthday. I had planned on coming to Rome to spend the day with her, finishing the day with a surprise birthday dinner at Olive Garden.

We had such a fun day! We got pedicures and even bought these colored hair things to put in our hair (pink for Sarah, purple for me). We weren’t brave enough to actually color our hair, so that was as on-the-edge as we were willing to go. Just before the “surprise” dinner, someone texted Sarah that they couldn’t make it.

She agreed to pretend to be surprised, though, and we had a blast! I’m pretty sure it was Sarah’s best birthday to date. 😉 After dinner and getting Sarah’s picture with every person that came to the dinner, Eli realized he had left his lights on the whole time and his car had died, which was pretty funny (to us, not to him). Then we all went for ice cream, and we got the most disappointing Pumpkin Pie Blizzards ever made. It was sad, too, because the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard is basically the most delicious dessert in the world (when made correctly).

When we all got back to Shorter, several of us went to watch a movie until Sarah had to go finish writing a paper for our Gothic Fiction class (such a cool class, but way over our heads). Then David asked me if I wanted to see some of the maps he had drawn. This was an odd question but I said sure, and we went to his room to check them out. Now, for those of you who aren’t aware, David is quite the nerd. He had drawn up these maps that were very similar to something you’d see in the back of a Tolkien novel, but of his backyard in Carrollton. He was so proud of them.

After that, we went to pick up my car in the top commuter parking lot. Bobby was not the newest, and it took a while for the heat to start working, so I turned on the car to get it warmed up in the cold November evening. David sat with me and we talked for hours, about anything and everything. At one point, it got really quiet and he asked me what I was thinking about. I said nothing and asked him the same.

His response? “That I want to kiss you but I don’t know how.” I burst out laughing because it was so funny and honest. I knew it wasn’t going to happen after that because he’d totally ruined the moment! But it was okay because it was so sweet and hilarious. As I was getting ready to say goodbye, as it was very late and I had to work the next day, he leaned over and kissed me. Just like when he’d held my hand, it was hilarious and awkward and perfect, and I was loving every minute of it.

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  1. First of all, I did not know David was a nerd. Second Of all, butt cut. Lol. That's all that needs to be said on that one (glad you ditched that cut, Eli.) Guess more needed to be said. Third of all, I love this blog.

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