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My Story
I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always had a love affair with food. My entire family has always been that way–if we were going on a trip or had busy schedules, the first question was always, “What will we eat?” Food has always been my go-to, when I’ve had a bad day or something exciting happen. Depressed? Eat a pint of ice cream. Got the job? Have some cake to celebrate! This has been my life for so long, but I am redefining my successes and my bad days. I want to go for a run when I’m feeling down or get a manicure when I get promoted. Using food as my vice has led me to very dangerous territory, and I am so glad I have found Weight Watchers to help me.

My mom did Weight Watchers for about two years and lost around 60 pounds. She wanted me to do it with her when she first started, but I was away at college and it just didn’t work out. I said I didn’t have time to count Points or measure my food, but these were just excuses. Honestly, I just wasn’t ready to give up all the foods that I wanted to eat as well as my huge portion sizes. I got married in November 2012 after graduating college that May, and I hate the way I look in all my wedding photos. They’re beautiful and I had a wonderful day, but I am so embarrassed of how big I look.

Seeing the pictures didn’t motivate me, though. David and I both just kept eating like it wasn’t a problem and pretended like we didn’t notice that we both just kept getting bigger and bigger. When one of my best friends got married in November 2013, though, I knew I couldn’t deny it any longer: less than a week before her big day, my bridesmaid dress would not zip. Luckily, I was able to get it altered, but those photos were the ones that finally snapped me out of it.

On Monday, January 13, 2014, I finally took my mom’s advice. I started Weight Watchersand I got David to do it with me!–and we haven’t looked back since. I find that the structure is something I love. Even when we mess up or need to start over, we haven’t let anything totally derail us on this journey. I am finally doing something for myself, and I am loving it. When I have a bad day or something exciting happens, I don’t immediately want to devour all the chocolate in America. I read a book or play a dancing game on the Wii, and it is making all the difference. I’ve lost 55 pounds so far, and I still have about twenty pounds to go. But this 55 pounds is a victory, and it’s one I’m not going to reward with food.

If you have questions about Weight Watchers, how it all works, or anything like that, please check out my Frequently Asked Questions page or feel free to email me at maeganld214 {at} gmail {dot} com. I have been asked so many questions about it and love helping others see if this could be the weight loss tool for them. 

Edit: I posted this on April 15, 2015, before Weight Watchers switched to the Smart Points program. All of my information about Weight Watchers is related to the Points Plus program only. 

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